Chuck Us The AUX Cord, Here’s The Music PTV Staff Were Vibing Over April

Finding new music is hard, especially as we get older. Don’t believe me? It was even SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that the average age we stop seeking out new tunes is about 33. Can you distrust science? No.

It makes sense though. What are the kids even into? Is it possible that I’m losing touch? Why did they change was ‘it’ is? What music am I even missing out on? What in ever-loving fuck is mumble rap????

Here at PEDESTRIAN, we spend a lot of time listening to music. The office speakers get a good workout every day, ranging from rap and hip-hop, to 90s, to disco, and some morning jazz mixed in if we’re feeling particularly sassy. I once got accused for playing “too much Sufjan Stevens” (we all know the limit does not exist). We’re into our quality tunes, people.

But what are we all listening to in our headphones while we’re trawling for news or working to a deadline? Well, I decided to quiz my workmates on what gets them rolling in the office.

Chuck in your own headphones mates, you might find something you like amongst the tunes we get stuck on.

‘Make Me Feel’ – Janelle Monaé

If you haven’t been getting around Janelle Monaé‘s new album, then I must recommend you rectify this at once. We’ve only been fed a few singles from her upcoming Dirty Computer (along with video clips that are less entertainment and more groundbreaking works of art), but ‘Make Me Feel‘ is easily the standout of a strong bunch.

Its clicky, funky rhythm has a distinctly Prince feel about it – he reportedly worked on Janelle’s music before his death – and on top of that, it’s a bisexual pride anthem. What’s not to love?

Alex Bruce-Smith, Associate News Editor

‘Evangelion’ – Thundercat

Evangelion‘ by Thundercat is a song that sits somewhat hazily somewhere between R&B, funk, and soft jazz and is just short enough that I end up listening to it two or three times in a row every time I put it on.

There’s no meat on it, just a steady, sexy groove and some very evocative lyrics. It was produced by Flying Lotus to sound like a classic psych-rock song and it definitely has that warm, spaced out vibe. It’s dope.

Ben McLeay, Afternoon & Nights Editor

‘Mistake’ – Middle Kids

Middle Kids banger Mistake‘ has been on rotation for more than a month but I honestly just don’t get sick of it. It’s the first cut off of their new album which is due on May 4th. I had the pleasure of seeing them at Oxford Art Factory last month and they’re scarily talented.

They share a manager with Gang of Youths and are no doubt destined for similar levels of greatness. If you’re into the likes of Cold War Kids, Fleetwood Mac or Haim you should “do yourself a favour” and jump on the bandwagon. They’re playing the Opera House as part of Vivid so if you’re in Sydney and so inclined, get along to it.

Chris Wirasinha – Director / Co-Founder

‘Helplessly Hoping’ – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Helplessly Hoping‘ by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young was the key song in Annihilation, which shouldn’t mean it’s on repeat for me now, but here we are. I knew the tune before the movie but it re-reminded me of how beautiful it is. It’s such a sweet, melodic track. The harmonies are (of course) amazing – it’s ~the boys~ after all. But it’s just a really beautiful song and I can’t stop singing along in my car this month.

Melissa Mason, Senior Style Editor

‘Hunnybee’ – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra‘s newie ‘Hunnybee‘ is so nummy. It sounds like exactly as you’d imagine a song with the title Hunnybee would; sweet, sassy, melodic funk. It’s also the perfect song to walk down the street to. Not Kylie Minogue ‘Come Into My World‘-level cheesy, but gives you the same feeling on foot.

I should mention the only reason I discovered this song is because the title of their LP is Sex & Food and there was no way I wasn’t gon click on that in iTunes.

Lucinda Price, Lifestyle Editor

‘Blue Rose’ – Amen Dunes

I’m picking ‘Blue Rose’ because it’s my favourite off the new Amen Dunes album Freedom (but really I’ve had the entire album on repeat all month). Damon McMahon‘s honest vocals are really distinctive and make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Every track on the album feels like a big ball of lyrical wisdom, wrapped in dreamy percussion and soulful guitar.

Here’s hoping the high expectations I’ve just created for you are met.

Kylie O’Connell, Creative Projects Manager

‘A Set Of Reasons’ – Jack R. Reilly

If you’re willing to feel all of your feelings at once for about three and a half minutes, I implore you to shove Jack R. Reilly‘s latest one ‘A Set Of Reasons‘ into your ear holes. Jack’s like an Aussie response to Elliott Smith, and is usually backed by simple guitar, tinkling piano, and maybe some soft percussion. But teaming up with producer Jonothan Tooke has brought some more elements to this one. That metronomic beat, those subtle synths, and harmonising gang vocals for ‘A Set Of Reasons’ to develop his sound and fill out the aural blank space a touch more.

Prepare for your heart to sit heavy in your ribcage with this one.

Courtney Fry, News Writer

‘Bounce’ – Benny Mayne

I regret doing this because the one song that I have loved this month is a little bit embarrassing because it is just not fitting to my personal image – which actually probably accurately depicts my music taste. But I love ‘Bounce‘ by Benny Mayne because I love anything I can sing along to (as embarrassing as singing “shake your titties and bounce your ass is” hahaha) but it also has an upbeat tune & it’s something a little different and non-commercialised. Also I love that I haven’t heard it on the radio so I can be the one to smash it till it gets old.

Jaimee Wiggins, Advertising & Partnerships Executive

‘Today Tonight’ – Totally Mild

Sometimes, I need a song to sing back my most stupid, painfully cyclical thoughts as a sort of comfort: that’s why I kept coming back to ‘Today Tonight’ by Melb four-piece Totally Mild all month. Their lead singer Elizabeth Mitchell has one of those voices perfectly attuned to sing about sad vibes, alternating between cracking and soaring above the band’s twanging guitars.

In ’Today Tonight‘, Mitchell rolls through her own self-doubts & jealousy – then, just before the song ends, the guitar disappears as Mitchell sings about going outside and seeing friends, forcing herself to get out of a negative mindset. It quickly kicks back in, but now the bass fuels an euphoric epiphany, rather than lending a line to her most insecure thoughts.

Jared Richards, Careers Writer

‘Cold Trains’ – Morning Huggins

It’s hard to believe that Morning Huggins has so few followers considering how well rounded and diverse his sound is – and he’s a local boy. I like ‘Cold Trains‘ in particular because it feels like I could listen to it anywhere – it’s perfect for grooving or just moving along or really thinking long and hard about something.

For me, music that you can really put all your own emotion and thought into without being purposefully lead somewhere is the best kind of music. Also, who doesn’t love an Andre 3000 sample mixed with some classic blues piano? Sign me the fuck up, every time.

Jack Colquhoun – Projects Coordinator

(Dammit Huggins, why did you have to use that picture?)

Hopefully, you’ve found something in this little trove that tickles your fancy. If not, don’t worry we’ll get listening to some more tunes over the next month so check back in then. I can’t promise anyone will get deeply into nu-metal over that time but you never know.