Apologies To Your Boss, But You Can Grab Return Flights To San Fran For $700

Here at Pedestrian, we endeavour to deliver the news that matters to our readers. It could be the current goings-on at one of Australia’s most deranged political parties, intel on the latest fashion collaborations, or even memey conspiracy theories about the intestinal fortitude of our Prime Minister. 

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Simply put, it is our duty to share information which may have massive personal implications on you. Right now is one of those times, because Air New Zealand is offering return flights from Australia to San Francisco from $700.

The flight sale, which concludes tonight, marks one of the cheaper trans-Pacific flight deals we’ve clocked in recent memory.

According to flight deal aggregator I Know The Pilot, punters looking to jet off from the Gold Coast to Frisco, between July and August, can do so for a sliver under seven hundo. Peep the deal, as provided by STA Travel: 

Similarly, those departing from Melbourne in August and returning in September can nab tickets from about $710.

From Sydney? $726 and change.

Theoretically, if you are lucky enough to field time away from work or study and have the funds to splash on a US trip, you could ditch a big chunk of Australian winter for the Californian sun.

In the interests of full disclosure, we must inform you that the revelation of these deals caused a miniature panic at our offices, and sparked the contemplation of a collective “work” trip on the West Coast.

It seems unlikely we will collect the remaining tickets to make that a reality. So, do it for us, folks. Go to San Francisco. Have a wonderful time. We’ll be here, likely writing about other flight deals and wildly speculating about overseas adventures.

Peep the deals here.