Flights To California Are Going For An Unheard Of $662 Return Right Now, So Say G’Day To LA

If you’ve been thinking about that USA trip, then now is the time to book: return flights to Los Angeles are going for as little as $662, which is practically unheard of.

United Airlines is having a sale on return flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco from March to November 2020, with flights departing from Melbourne and Sydney.

The cheapest of these absolutely bargain flights is the Melbourne to LA return, which comes in at $662. A return flight from Sydney is a full $16 more expensive, coming in at $678. And if you want to head on up to San Fran? You’re looking at $670 return from Melbourne, and $687 return from Sydney.

The exact deals and dates are listed out on I Know The Pilot, which is literally *the* website for flight deals. Founder Garth Adams told Escape the fares were “incredible” and likely to last just a few days max.

“I think this is the cheapest I have ever seen for flights to LA,” Adams said.

If you’re already booking a flight, here’s a few ideas for what to add to your itinerary – after you swing by the Britney Spears museum, obviously.