Some Wicked Places To Eat, Pray, Love Your Way Through Brissy, According To The Locals
PEDESTRIAN.TV are teaming up with Brisbane City Council to introduce you to Brissy's hidden gems.

Ah Brisbane. The good city. I know I probably shouldn’t be saying that as a Melbourne gal but seriously…Brisbane is sunny. I was gonna list some more good things there but honestly I am frozen at my desk because Melbourne is so stinking cold right now. I dream of Brisbane. Thaw me out, good city, thaw me out!

If you’re still in need of some convincing – maybe you live in Sydney where your fingers have not yet turned into individual fleshy Zooper Doopers as mine have – please continue reading. There’s so much more to Brisbane than simply beautiful and glorious weather. There’s culture and music. Delish cuisine. Australia Zoo is but an hour’s drive away.

We chatted to some Brissy locals about their favourite hidden gems so you can enjoy everything the city has to offer, not just those sizzling rays. If you need even more recommendations, make sure you download Brisbane City Council’s Brisbane app. All the coolest local businesses are listed there – it’s like your own personal tour guide. I know I’ve got it in my to-download list for my next trip to Bris.

And if you *are* a cool local business in Brissy, you should totally list your biz on the app. There’s been over 200,000 app downloads to date and you can create your own personalised listing for ya biz. Kick back and let your customers find you! Plus, the app is free – a sweet deal when you consider that most online marketing costs the big bucks.

Where To Stay

“I’m utterly obsessed with The Calile Hotel – it’s an aesthetic daydream. It looks like one of those retro hotels in Hollywood and everything is dusty pink and sage, with the coolest furnishings I’ve ever seen in a hotel. Love it.” Ellie

The Calile Hotel is like, THE place to stay in Brissy right now. It’s got big resort vibes, with a massive pool right smack bang in the middle of everything, and is located on the famous James St, home to many a designer store and gourmet restaurant. Catch me hanging out in the cabana sipping on a margarita, babes.

Where to Shop

“Barbarella’s Vintage is my fave place to shop right now. It’s the best place to find one-of-a-kind pieces.” Danielle

“I have been shopping secondhand at Gladrags Markets for ages now. I’ve had some of my best finds there. They also have great coffee and a sausage sizzle – I love it.”Cate 

Brissy is home to a huge array of vintage stores and markets – enough to even rival Melbourne I reckon. Make sure you do some rummaging in the racks at Barbarella’s Vintage or the Gladrags Markets during your stay!

Where To Caffeinate

“Reverends Fine Coffee in the Valley for sure. The coffee is amazing and I reckon I had the best smashed avo of my life there. Highly recommend.”Diya

“Brew Cafe has the best halloumi bagel with this crazy good chipotle mayo. It’s the stuff of dreams. Their coffee is also top notch. Brew is also a bar and restaurant so plenty of options there.”Max

After all that shopping, you’re definitely going to need to caffeinate. Luckily for you, there is plenty of sweet sweet hot bean in the good city.

Where To Eat

“Omg Hellenika for sure. My mouth is watering just thinking about their Greek French toast. It’s so, so good. Really cute location too.”Jessica

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“Make sure you go to Andonis Cafe & Bar in the Valley. They’re an all-day kind of place and you can bring your dog too. Very Instagram-able as well.”Mia

“I love The Brooke – Brissy’s most gorgeous courtyard I reckon. It’s a small menu but what they do have is really yum.”Elisa

We got so many recommendations from local Brissy foodies we couldn’t even fit them all in – the people of Brisbane are eating good, that is for sure.

Where To Relax

“You have got to check out the rooftop bath house at Soak Brisbane. You can get a killer massage and LED facial there too. I’m obsessed.”Santine

“I love Petrichor Day Spa in Hawthorne. They have organic and vegan services which I think is really cool.”Evie

With all the shopping and eating and soaking up the Brisbane culture you’re definitely gonna need to pencil in some time to rejuvenate. Good thing for you, there are plenty of lux day spas around Brissy and each one is guaranteed to send you into an ultra-relaxed state of bliss.

Don’t forget to download the Brisbane app for more hot recommendations for the good city – and business owners, don’t forget to list your biz! I wanna visit you on my next trip to Brisbane. Lemme find your Brissy biz.

Image: The Calile Hotel on Instagram