Brissy Locals Shared Feels On The City’s Future & We Couldn’t Agree More


If you’re a resident of Queensland, then you’ve probably given some thought to the future of Brisbane since it’s growing by 1300 people a month. Is there enough infrastructure being developed? What’s being done to make sure our friendly and liveable city thrives? Will there be enough parks for my doggo to frolick in? Y’know, the good stuff.

To make sure your voices are heard, Brisbane City Council hit us up and together we built a quiz to find out your feels on the future of Brisbane. And in true P.TV style, we made sure it wasn’t just a regular quiz, but a cool quiz. Those who participated not only had their voices heard, but were given a lil’ description of their Brisbane personality too.

Council didn’t just ask Pedestrian readers to have their say, they asked the whole of Brisbane and more than 100,000 people responded and generated more than 15,000 ideas.

Some interesting things for Brisbane are in the works and Council have identified some key principles and actions to guide decisions like creating a city of neighbourhoods; protecting greenspace, the Brisbane backyard and our unique character; and giving people more choice when it comes to housing and ensuring best practice design. There will also be more for you to see and do like activating more laneways and being able to drink in public spaces, as well as better transport options to get you home quicker.

Read the detailed plan and see what’s in store.  

So, what’s the priority for the citizens of Brisbane?

To kick things off, we asked “what’s your idea of a perfect summer afternoon?” to see what people actually like doing around the city (and arguably want more ways to do said activity). 34.84% of respondents said their ideal day involves ‘a shop, walk and maybe a bite to eat’ followed by 32.13% craving ‘a picnic in the park’ – suggesting y’all would like more to see and do in the future, as well as more greenspace. Lucky Council’s Plan for Brisbane includes creating more to see and do and new ways to enjoy Brisbane’s lifestyle, like more festivals in the suburbs and protecting Brisbane’s habitat from 37% to 40% by 2031.

Housing affordability was certainly front of mind for respondents. When asked “It’s a hungover Sunday, what’s the scariest reality you have to face?”, 43.44% said “paying my rent” was the biggest issue they’re potentially failing. Council’s got yo’ back though, implementing a housing strategy to ensure supply for young and old. 29.41% said “the bus ride home from my bender” was their Sunday’s biggest problem, which is a massive LOL, but also suggests that solid public transport is a big want for Brissy residents and something Council is taking action on.

And speaking of public transport, the next question ‘What’s your favourite part about your commute home?’ saw the majority of respondents (35.75%) answer with “knowing it won’t take long”, which suggests that getting home quicker and safer was top of the list. Given no one likes to drag their commute out for longer than it has to be, this makes a hell of a lot of sense. This response was followed closely by 27.38% enjoying “the lovely foliage outside the bus window”, once again reiterating the desire for greenspace as part of Brisbane’s future.

Lastly, participants were asked ‘You’re getting older and looking for a place to retire, what’s the first thing on your mind?’. “Easy access to everything I need” was the most common response (50.68%) followed by “being at one with nature” – an interesting result suggesting you beautiful humans of Brisbane really give a crap about our environment (god bless ya).

There you have it, folks. It’s clear what you guys want for the future of Brisbane and you can rest assured knowing Brisbane City Council have heard what you’ve had to say.

Head to Brisbane City Council’s website to check out the eight principles to guide decisions for our city’s future.