We know it’s still summer here, but a fair whack of you are enduring the rude awakening that is returning to work after the Christmas break, which means there’s a hell of a lot of gazing out the window at the gorgeous weather you’re missing and dying on the inside just a little bit as each second passes.
But why be sad, when you can bust out that credit card and snap up some cheap-as-shit flights to a tropical paradise on little more than a whim!
Our highly blessed run of sensationally cheap flights continues as of today, with Jetstar dropping yet another mind-bogglingly affordable crop of international getaways right into our wanderlusting laps.
The budget airliner has dropped the price of some its most popular international routes down so low, you’ll be able to buy one now and still get the fancy delivery food for dinner tonight. No need to resort to canned chilli to afford these badboys, no sir.
At the cheapest end of the scale, the current sale has the Darwin to Bali route down at an unreal $99 one-way. But there’s outrageously cheap deals to be scored from every major Australian city, to destinations through SE Asia like Bangkok, Hong KongPhuket, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Phnom Penh, or Singapore. Then there’s flights even further abroad to Tokyo or Honolulu. Or if you feel like giving our brews across the pond a quick kia’ora, there’s cheap flights to Auckland, Queenstown, Wellington, and Christchurch as well.
How cheap are we talking? Try some of these on for size:
Melbourne to Bangkok: $189
Gold Coast to Wellington: $129
Sydney to Phuket: $209
Melbourne to Phnom Penh: $225
Perth to Phuket: $146
Sydney to Bali: $199
Melbourne to Honolulu: $269
Sydney to Tokyo: $258
All fares are, as always, one-way, web-only, and without the bells and whistles of your ordinary fare. But if you can travel in a backpack you are absolutely laughing.
The sale runs from today through until January 18th, and cover selected travel periods ranging from earl Feb through to around November this year.
What the bloody hell are you waiting for? RUN. BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE SEES THIS.
All the vital details can be found over at Jetstar‘s sale page.

Source: Jetstar.