WATCH: The New ‘No Man’s Sky’ Trailers Really Show Off Its Insane Bigness

Easily – EASILY – one of the year’s (and possibly decade’s) most hotly anticipated gaming releases is the impending unveiling of ‘No Man’s Sky‘ from indie studio Hello Games.

The game is finally set for release on August 9th (holy shit that is real, real soon, you guys) and the floodgates are starting to open when it comes to information about what we’re all set to see.
What is, in essence, an exploration game, ‘No Man’s Sky‘ has captured the industry’s attention simply because of its stupidly massive ambition and scale; players get dumped into a universe where they can explore some 18 quintillion planets (seriously) thanks to some nifty algorithm work that’s far too numbersy for me to even begin to comprehend (hence, y’know, the job with the words and such).
In prep for the game’s release, Playstation has been drip feeding four new short trailers (the last of which arrived earlier today) with each focusing on a different core part of playing the game: Explore, fight, trade, and survive.
Like all other material released for the game, the new in-game teasers look extraordinary, and show off the sheer scale of environments that the game sports.
If the game ends up being half as good as all speculation suggests it’ll be, ‘No Man’s Sky‘ will be an extraordinary achievement.

There’s just under two weeks to go. Prepare to kiss your social lives goodbye once again.

Source: YouTube.