When it was first released back in 2016, No Man’s Sky had a rather tumultuous launch, with players complaining of bland environments and boring gameplay loops. Since then, the team at Hello Games has been working hard to improve the title and has done a pretty good job of achieving that with its huge update, Next. It’s upcoming addition, The Abyss, aims to broaden the experience even more.

The major update, which was detailed in a video earlier today, gives new life to the vast oceans present on some of the game’s planets. While they were mostly empty previously, they’ll now be teeming with life and underwater terrain for you to explore. You’ll also be able to build underwater bases complete with fancy aquariums. Take a look at it all in the trailer below.

“Underwater creatures have become more frequent, and more interesting,” the video explains. “Aquatic life inhabits the full depth of the ocean, and unique terrifying creatures can be encountered on the ocean floor.” 

And that life looks creepy as fuck, featuring creatures like big scary fish and enormous ugly eyeballs stuck to the ocean floor. You’ll be able to build a sweet little submersible for exploring the depths, as well experience a new storyline called The Dreams of the Deep,” which gives context to what’s going on under the surface of these planets.

The Abyss is available today for all No Man’s Sky players for absolutely nothing. It’s a free update, babyyyyy.

Image: Hello Games