FINALLY: New ‘No Man’s Sky’ Mod Lets Ya Crash Your Ship Into Planets

For the uninitiated, No Man’s Sky is the insanely ambitious indie game that uses procedural generation to create an almost infinite universe. If ya really wanna get specific, the game has a mind-fucking 18 quintillion planets to explore. It would take around 5 billion years to land on all of those planets for even a single second. I’ll give you a minute to let that little factoid sink in. 
While the game has achieved a fair amount of success, a number of issues at launch, particularly with the PC version, dampened the posi vibes of its massive universe. 
Those issues aside, some ~enthusiastic~ Reddit users have actually taken the time to document the aspects of the game that were showcased in various trailers and demos, but seemingly left out of the final product. One such shortcoming is the lack of ability to ram your spaceship straight into a damn planet, which has rustled many a jimmy. 
If this is you, we have some good news, you total weirdo. You can download the LowFlight mod right bloody here. The mod effectively removes the invisible wall on planets, allowing players to get real low on it while still in ya ship. 
To be fair, while crashing your hectic space vessel sounds like barrels of fun, being able to fly low on a planet is where the main gripes reside for long-time followers of the game’s development. We don’t know about you, but ducking in and out of canyons on an undiscovered planet is how we boost our merriment levels. 
Source: Kotaku.
Image: No Man’s Sky.