Uber’s Finally Taking Care Of Its Most Annoying Location Feature

Uber announced a bunch of new features for its driver partners today and while that might not mean much to riders, there is one particular feature that makes life easier for both parties. 

Finally, you can change your pickup location after you book a ride, so you will no longer have to have that awkward phone conversation where you both try and figure out where the fuck you actually are. 
It’s not at all uncommon for a smartphone’s GPS to place you 2 streets away from where your real location, particularly in built up areas, so it’s an incredibly helpful addition to the service.
Previously, you could move the pin around the map or manually enter an address, but once you hit request, you couldn’t change it. We all know how dangerous that can be after a few bevvies. 
Now you can change it by swiping up into your options when an Uber has been booked (the same place you would go to change your destination or split a fare) and simply change your pickup point. 
Uber are rolling out these changes from today, so keep an eye out for them.
Photo: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.