So, Uber have recently released an update that allows the app to track your movements a whole 5 minutes after your ride has finished. 

And people are (understandably) maaaaaaaaaad. 

Privacy advocates have slammed the new function, saying that it’s completely unethical and is a threat to people’s safety. 

You can turn the function off – but it will impact your ability to actually use the app. While the app used to offer the option ‘While Using The App’ option for its location data settings, the only options after this update is ‘Always’, or ‘Never’

See below:

Responses have been… not great:

Many are requesting that Uber roll back the function, so they can continue only giving location data when they’re actually using the app. 

And then threatening to no longer use Uber because of it:

And women are concerned about the potential safety issues with the new function:

There’s no official statement from Uber just yet, but we’ll keep you updated. 

Source: Twitter.

Photo: Adam Berry / Getty.