Of all the ridiculous scams we’ve ever seen, this is by far the strangest. 

As most of you Uber-using lords are aware, when a ride request is accepted, a picture of the driver along with their name and number plate are displayed in the app. Taking advantage of that feature, some Chinese drivers are using zombie-like profile pictures in order to scare potential passengers into cancelling their ride, an action that incurs a small cancellation fee. Effectively, the drivers rake in the fees with none of the actual work. 

Even if the passenger is ballsy enough to continue a ride with the faux ghoul, they’ll still claim the rider cancelled the trip, making it win-win for the driver. 

Uber Drivers In China Are Using Fkd Profile Pics To Scam Cash Outta Riders

Uber gave a statement to the Chinese media stating they’re aware of the problem and are working to resolve it. The ride sharing company says they have a “zero-tolerance attitude to scamming behaviour” and have refunded the poor passengers that chose not to ride with a decaying monster. They have also banned the drivers proven to be dodgy af. 

Source: The Guardian.

Photo: Weibo.