Uber’s Launching 5 Feats That Make Ridesharing An Even Easier Side-Hustle

Uber announced 5 brand new features for their driver partners today, one of which turns out to be a great advantage for riders too

The changes are all about making it easier for drivers to work, allowing them to get paid faster, receive better feedback from riders, and get to where they need to go. 
If you’ve been contemplating jumping in the driver’s seat, maybe knowing a little more about how their side of the app works, as well as knowing Uber takes their feedback seriously, will encourage you to go for it. 
Here’s what was announced. 
Drivers can now choose when they want to get paid without having to wait for the 1-2 business day transfer. 
Flex Pay allows drivers to make a withdrawal from their Uber account whenever they want which will arrive in their bank account the next day. 

Drivers can already set a destination they want to travel towards which, when chosen, means the app will only match them with riders traveling in the same direction. But what if you need to get to your destination by a certain time? 
Now drivers can set a destination as well as a time of arrival and the app will match them with riders that fit into that timeframe and direction. Hell yeah. 
Uber are introducing an in-app, safe and secure messaging service that makes the driver-rider communication thing a little less awkward. 
It even has a built-in translator for riders and drivers, which is great for tourists or drivers who speak a different first language. 
Uber conversation can be awkward, so instead of letting riders blindly feel their way around a topic of conversation, drivers can now choose to add conversation starters to their profile. It could be where they grew up, their favourite sport or hobby. 
Furthermore, when a rider leaves a compliment for their trip, the driver will receive a notification telling them what made their service so great. 
Riders can now change their pickup location after they’ve requested a ride. You can suss the details on that feature here
Photo: Wayne’s World.

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