Most Of Google’s Most Searched Terms Of 2017 Are About Slime

It’s that time of year once again, folks. When big tech companies analyse their data and release statistics of what was popular as hell for the year. Today, Google has revealed what Aussies searched the most in 2017, and like last year, you guys are searching some weird shit.

Let’s just dive straight in, shall we? Here’s the top 10 overall searches Australian’s made this year.

  1. Australian Open 2017

  2. Melbourne Cup 2017

  3. Wimbledon 2017

  4. Fidget spinner

  5. Cyclone Debbie

  6. iPhone 8

  7. North Korea

  8. Chris Cornell

  9. iPhone X

  10. Amazon Australia site

Nothing too crazy happening in that list, except for fidget spinners trending higher than, oh, I don’t know, fucking North Korea. We’re on the brink of a full-blown nuclear war and y’all just want some bloody fidget spinners. Jesus.

Moving on, here’s the top 10 global people you searched for in 2017.

  1. Harvey Weinstein

  2. Ed Sheeran

  3. Kevin Spacey

  4. Gal Gadot

  5. Floyd Mayweather

  6. Jake Paul

  7. Post Malone

  8. Pippa Middleton

  9. Boy George

  10. Macklemore

Yeah, that all checks out. Here’s that same list, but for Australian people.

  1. Sophie Monk

  2. Kate Fischer

  3. Schapelle Corby

  4. Ben McCormack

  5. Dustin Martin

  6. Cassie Sainsbury

  7. Lisa Wilkinson

  8. Paul Hogan

  9. Katherine Langford

  10. Amber Sherlock

Yep, standard stuff. Now it’s time to see how weird you people really are. Here’s the top 1o ‘how to’ searches for the year.

  1. How to make slime

  2. How to make a fidget spinner

  3. How to make fluffy slime

  4. How to watch Mayweather vs McGregor

  5. How to buy Bitcoin

  6. How to make slime without borax

  7. How to use Snapchat map

  8. How to unblock people on Instagram

  9. How to make slime without glue

  10. How to vote for gay marriage

Hmm, it really was the year for making slime, huh? Did you make some slime this year? What kind? Fluffy slime? Slime without glue? Oh, maybe it was slime without borax? Did you also come here direct from the fucking 90s? Slime hasn’t been this popular since Nickelodeon decided it was cool to cover a teen celebrity with it every 10 freaking minutes.

Fucking slime.

Ok, enough of that, here’s the top 10 ‘what is’ searches for the year.

  • What is MSG

  • What is Bitcoin

  • What is kimchi

  • What is a publican

  • What is covfefe

  • What is a fidget spinner

  • What is MSG and why is it bad

  • What is Sharia law

  • What is DACA

  • What is good friday

MSG and bitcoin, that’s what the people wanna know. What is this mysterious MSG, and, more importantly, where the FUCK can I buy some magic internet currency?

Lastly, here’s the top 10 ‘why is’ searches.

  1. Why is Pandora shutting down

  2. Why is Club Penguin shutting down

  3. Why is Australia Day on 26 January

  4. Why is it called Good Friday

  5. Why is Nathan Lyon Garry

  6. Why is my poop green

  7. Why is Messenger crashing

  8. Why is Snapchat down

  9. Why is two up illegal

  10. Why is my internet so slow

Niiicee GARRY. Nathan Lyon is a national treasure and I’m glad y’all are taking an interest in his alternate name. But more importantly, why are so many of you doing green poos? This happened last year, but your shit is still green? Sort it out, mate.

Also – ATTENTION NBN: Australia would like to know why their internet is so goddamn slow. Fix it already, ya jerks.

There it is folks, another year in the world of internet searches. May you all get the slime and fidget spinners you so desire this Christmas.