Guys, We Have To Talk About The Baffling Shit ‘Straya Has Been Googling

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that 2016 has been a deeply fucked year. We lost a whole bunch of rad celebrities, the bloke that ran a stupid reality TV show is the most powerful man in the world and Harambe is gone forever. 

In an effort to make you all feel a little better, we thought we’d share some interesting stats that Google were kind enough to pass our way. Specifically, we’ve got lists of all the weird shit you’ve been Googling. 
Strap yourselves in, it gets a little strange.
1. US election
2. Olympics
3. Census 
4. Euro 2016
5. Australian Open 2016
6. Pokemon GO
7. Donald Trump
8. iPhone 7
9. David Bowie
10. Prince
Yeah ok, those all seem fair enough considering the events of the year. Let’s see what else we got. 

1. How to tie a tie
2. How to screenshot on mac
3. How to make pancakes
4. How to play Pokemon GO
5. How to draw
6. How to write a cover letter
7. How to get rid of pimples
8. How to download from YouTube
9. How to lose weight fast
10. How to write a resume
Hmm, alright. I mean, these aren’t that weird. I would have thought most of you know how to make pancakes, though. Ok, moving on.

1. Why is there a leap day
2. Why is the sky blue
3. Why is my internet so slow
4. Why is my poop green 
5. Why is my computer so slow
6. Why is Australia in Eurovision
7. Why is the ocean salty
8. Why is biodiversity important
9. Why is my period late
10. Why is my eye twitching 
Wow. How many of you are doing hectic green poos? Like, green enough that it warrants a Google search that ranks 4TH HIGHEST on this list. 
Fair call on Eurovision, though. We’re certainly nowhere near Europe

1. Where is NSW
2. Where is Brussels
3. Where is my phone
4. Where is Bora Bora
5. Where is Rio
6. Where is Home and Away filmed
7. Where is Malta
8. Where is the Great Barrier Reef
9. Where is Perth 
10. Where is Mount Everest
What the fuck you guys? Can I remind you that these are exclusively Australian searches. How do so many of you not know where NSW is? I am utterly baffled. 
Also, Google doesn’t know where your phone is, m8. Let it go. 
Source: Google.
Photo: Friday. 

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