While by this point we’re all waiting for fidget spinners to disappear into the abolition of the night, they’re probably just reaching their apex now. 

And right on cue with most childhood toy trends, they’ve reached an all-consuming height of saturation before hopefully spinning out of control and dying off. Which is why ‘edible fidget spinners’ are currently massive on Youtube.

Clearly Cookies, a bakery in Dallas, Texas, was the first out of the gate in terms of press coverage, selling these blue cookies which you can spin – if you’re fairly gentle. It’s a cute gimmick, and surely a nice little sales booster. 

But but it’s the would-be Youtube celebs who are taking it to the next level.

You cannot tell me these are different people.

Perhaps it’s an altruistic move towards edible toys (ignoring, for a second, that most of these creations aren’t 100% edible). After all, earlier this month CNN reported that a 10 year old girl from Texas almost died when one of her spinner’s bearings lodged in her throat. 

And in Australia, last week Choice announced a nation-wide recall of the ACE of Hearts LED Fidget Spinner due to a possible choking hazard, so maybe this isn’t as completely idiotic as it seems at first.

Whatever their reasonings, a lot of people are making DIY fidget spinners with skateboard bearings, hot glue and their sweet of choice. Say, for example, sour gummy worms.

(Photo: Youtube.com/Scrubzah)

Or precious Oreos.

(Photo: Youtube.com/EhAudie)

Or microwaved Starburst.

No comment. (Photo: Youtube.com/Stephen Sharer)

Or M&Ms and melted milk chocolate.

It slowly melts on your hands, too! (Photo: Youtube.com/VitaliUS EN)

Or a shit-tonne of melted jolly ranchers, making a toy far too big to fit between your fingers, and given the sugar content, will presumably only increase fidgeting.

(Photo: Youtube.com/IncredibleScience)

You can even learn how to bake a fidget spinner chocolate cake, which admittedly would be really cute for a kid’s birthday party. Youtuber Cupcake Savvy has broken a Lazy Susan table to make the cake spin though, which feels unnecessary.

But you know what else feels a little unnecessary? Fidget spinners. 

Source: Munchies.com