There’s A ‘Pokemon GO’ But For Haunted Real Estate Because, Fuck, Sure

Whether you genuinely believe in ghosts or not, we humans usually prefer to avoid sites where people have died, particularly if the death was especially gruesome or murderous. Sure, there are those who couldn’t care less and these people have clearly never seen The Conjuring

If you do happen to be one of these soulless individuals, there is a bright side – real estate values generally plummet after acts of extreme brutality, giving you a red-hot chance of picking up some prime property at a discounted rate. Yes, it sounds fucked up – and it is – but in Hong Kong, it has an actual name: hung jaak
Traditional Cantonese belief in ghosts aligns heavily with their philosophy of feng shui, meaning ghost houses give most of the population a massive case of the heebie jeebies. Millennials and expats, on the other hand, couldn’t give a flying heck about feng shui or the possibility of a The Grudge-like haunting and frankly, these people are the real villains in this story.  
In all seriousness, though, if you can sleep sound in the scene of a bloody murder, good on you. The good news is, augmented reality is here to help you find these deathly discounts in the same way it helped you find the 38 Zubats you didn’t want in Pokemon GO. Tech startup has plotted out the sites of potentially haunted dwellings, even going as far as to give a brief rundown of the atrocity that happened. As these properties will rarely have a for sale sign posted on them, it gives buyers a chance to actively seek them and their appealing prices out.  
The best example is the one used to simultaneously showcase the feature and wish a happy Halloween on their iTunes product page. British expat banker Rurik Jutting allegedly murdered two Indonesian women in his luxury apartment in 2014. The trial is still ongoing. 
Another day, another shining example of augmented reality weaving its way into our everyday existence. Happy house-hunting, ya non-freaked-out-by-ghosts weirdos. 

Source: Motherboard.

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