WATCH: The New ‘Real Housewives of Sydney’ Trailer Is Military-Grade Messy

There is an argument to be made that there are no “evil” people. Everyone lives their life convinced of the idea that they are completely justified in their actions and, perhaps, even working for the ultimate betterment of mankind. That said, I’m pretty sure everyone who has ever been on a ‘Real Housewives‘ show is the worst person alive.
Obviously not in the, say, serial killer or militaristic dictator sense of the word, but, much like the cyborg warriors of the film ‘Universal Soldier‘, these people are ruthless, cunning, uninhibited by sympathy or pity, and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Unlike the cyborg warriors of the film ‘Universal Soldier‘, these goals primarily consist of sneaking horrific insults into backhanded compliments and attempting to put strychnine into each other’s cocktails. In short: the franchise absolutely rules.
You can knock reality TV all you want, but nothing is more insane and unpredictable than real life, and when real life is carefully manipulated and edited to be even more dramatic and insane, you’ve got yourself one hell of a TV show.
If the first season of ‘Real Housewives of Melbourne‘ was anything to go off, ‘Real Housewives of Sydney‘ should deliver us at least one woman who claims to be able to talk to ghosts, one woman who believes that those ghosts are actually demons, and a bunch of other women who will stop at nothing to cut each other down. 
So far, the trailer looks promising: there’s fights, there’s dick-measuring competitions over the size of diamonds, there’s even the obligatory throwing-a-drink-in-someone’s-face. 
Strap yourself in for some red hot content:
The show kicks off at 8:30pm, Sunday February 26th on Arena, begin preparing your body now.
Photo: Arena.