Samsung Just Axed The Headphone Jack From Its Galaxy & Android Users Are Seeing Red

Samsung unveiled their swish new Galaxy S20 with a whole stake of stack of new features, including a 64MP, AI-driven camera. What they forgot to mention, however, was that they are the latest smartphone manufacturer to ditch the headphone jack.

Apple did it first. Google, HTC, Huawei and others followed suit. Even Samsung themselves have dabbled in this minimalism before. But this time it’s their flagship–the phone that sets the standard for all of us. Android users are not happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my AirPods. I use them every day. But there comes a point in everyone’s day when you need to charge them and your phone at the same time.

Imagine both your phone and headphones are charging. How the heck are you supposed to have a *private* video chat? If my wireless headphones are dead, what am I supposed to do if I want to listen to music on the bus while using a power bank? These situations occur often!

Samsung is a behemoth in the smartphone industry. If whatever Apple does, Samsung follows, then whatever Samsung does, the rest of the industry follows.

This is why I am absolutely livid that this one decision will impact the rest of us, regardless of what phone we get in future.

Plenty of times, Samsung even out-innovated Apple. Wireless charging, water resistance and curved screens were all pioneered by Samsung. They’re now ubiquitous, at least among flagship phones.

Samsung control a quarter of the smartphone market share in Australia. That might not seem huge, but it puts them second after Apple and way, waaaay ahead of literally all other Android manufacturers. Worldwide, they’re number 1, controlling almost a third of the market.

In place of a headphone jack, Samsung have given us new-and-improved, wireless Galaxy Buds+Oh joy. I’m sure they’re great, but once the battery dies, they’re just a shiny paperweight.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 will drop on March 6. The end is nigh, my friends.