UH OH: Now Apple’s Asking Punters If They Use Their MacBook Headphone Jack

Hey, remember when Apple decided to yank the headphone jack out of the iPhone 7, and everyone was super chill and fine with it and everything was cool calm and collected?
Yeah, same. 
Now, people are reporting that Apple‘s been releasing surveys with multiple questions asks exactly how often customers are using the headphone jack in their Macbooks
The iPhone 7 not having a headphone jack made people so crazy that some believed Apple was actually hiding it inside the phone () so they were encouraging others to DRILL HOLES INTO THEIR PHONES
Similarly to this madness, Mac users are now flippin’ their shit because they are dang adamant that Apple’s scoping their usage out to potentially yoink away their auxillary cords and very extremely wire-heavy headphones too.
People are screenshotting the survey and posting to Twitter in a wiry panic:

This is Apple rn:
Aaaaaaaaand this is us rn:
Source: Twitter.