New year, new you, new emojis. I think that’s how the saying goes? Regardless, the official emojipedia has announced that in the year 2020 we’re being blessed with 117 new little pictures to express our emotions, accidentally send to crushes at embarrassing times, and for your parents to eventually overuse for no discernible reason.

In the 13.0 Emoji set to be unleashed into group chats across the world, we’re seeing a higher level of inclusion, subtle ways of throwing shade, and the beloved ‘ma che vuoi’ gesture known as ‘The Italian Hand’. The sheer representation here, I love it.

new emojis 2020

Though we’re probably not gonna see these emojis until the second half of the year, we’ve been treated to a sneaky little peek at the adorable and weirdly-detailed little icons, including my personal faves: cockroach, black cat, plunger, and headstone.

new emojis 2020new emojis 2020new emojis 2020new emojis 2020

The new set is also making the picture-based language a bit more inclusive, with more non-gendered humans (a person in a wedding veil, a nursing parent, person in a tuxedo, and a person dressed as Santa) and both the transgender flag and symbol.

new emojis 2020

On top of that, you’ve got some anatomically-correct organs like the heart and lungs (sure, why not), an adorable rainbow pinata, a magic wand, bubble tea, and the smiling-while-crying face, so you don’t have to do the text one anymore. I spent way too long thinking that the little apostrophe tear in that emoticon was a nose, so this new emoji will be very handy for me, the huge idiot.

new emojis 2020

The wisened ones at the Emojipeda suspect that the beta versions of these emojis will probably be rolled out on Android devices from August, and then eventually hit iPhones and other iOS/Apple devices from October. Check out the full list of 117 new emojis over here, and tbh some of them are so obtuse that they might just beat out the least-used emoji which is apparently the input symbol. You know, the one that you NEVER USE.


Until then, I’ll be working on my pitch for Unicode to make a Chef’s Kiss emoji, because I’m so sick of hobbling together a shitty one from these two emojis:

There’s 117 New Emojis Hitting Phones This Year & We’re FINALLY Getting An Italian Hand

Image: Emojipedia