Emoji Makers Want Your Input Re: New Emojis

, their priorities adjust as they grow and they want different things.

Namely, new and exciting emojis! Your mates at Unicode understand this and have kindly asked for all of our input on their Unicode 8.0 emoji series, due out mid-2015. 

Unicode recently announced that of the 250 new characters they will be adding to your vocabulary ICYMI emojis are a legitimate non-verbal communication form and key signifier of our continued evolution as a species – a much needed batch of racially diverse emojis are on the way. Otherwise, these are the current frontrunners (still in basic af beta form ):

And these are some of the other proposed additions:
Have your say HERE  because, with respect to , there are some glaring omissions above; e.g. we’re all adults and it’s time for penis and vaginamojis.