We’re Getting 72 New Emojis & At Least 1 Will Out-Phallicise The Eggplant

Tired of being beholden to the  every time you need to illustrate a schlong to your m8s?
GOOD NEWS! We’re about to get a fresh batch of emojis and there are *plenty* of alternatives to the eggplant. Srsly, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to phallic symbols.
Among those that look like ds:
The cucumber is particularly pleasing.
The Unicode Consortium (Lel what is life) has approved a total 72 new designs for inclusion in Unicode 9.0, with includes long-awaited emojis for bacon, avocado facepalms and selfies.
Check out the full lot, though the final designs may vary slightly:
There’s no exact date for the update, but it’s expected to be sometime this month.
Source and photo: Unicode.