This Sick-Ass Insta Hack Will Have Those Influencers Wishing Their Piccies Looked Like Yours

Thinking of kickstarting your influencer career but can’t edit a photo to save your life? Well, this handy dandy hack will have Kendall Jenner *wishing* her Instagram looked like yours.

TikTok user @daniellaa_elliott revealed that there’s a button in Instagram’s settings that you needa hit in order to improve the quality of your uploads.

According to Daniella, this trick ensures that your videos are posted in “clearer and better” quality.

Here’s how ya do it: Open the Insta app (obvs). Tap on the person icon or your profile picture in the bottom right to access your profile. Then hit the three lines in the top right, and tap the cog icon to jump into your settings.

From here, tap account > data usage. Hit the switch next to “high-quality uploads”, so that it becomes blue.

Once this is done, every time you post a vid to the ‘gram, it will be uploaded in the best possible qual.

Why the heck is it like that? Well basically Instagram automatically compresses your vids as much as it can so that they’re as close to the qual that you recorded them in as possible. It’s also for convenience reasons as the smaller the file is, the quicker it will upload.

But if you’re all about quality over speed, then this is the hack for you!

Peep the video below for a more in-depth lewk at the game-changer of a hack:


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After another editing hack while you’re here? Well, here’s two for the price of one!

Ever take a pic where you look fab but the lighting bloody sucks? This easy-as tip helps you low-key fake lighting to make it look like you snapped the pic on a beach in Hawaii.

Here’s how:


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The trick was originally shared by TikTok user @anaugazz, whose video has been viewed over 13.7M times. And now, users everywhere can make their posts glow like an influencer’s ‘gram.

Think of us when you’re making big bucks from your IG posts.