Turns Out There’s An Insta Setting Which Makes Yr Uploads Look Shit That U Need To Change ASAP

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Have you been preparing to post immaculately curated and high-quality pics to the ‘gram only to find that they end up looking like they’ve been smeared with Vaseline, dipped into flour, covered in egg and then rolled around in panko crumbs? Well, it turns out it might be Instagram’s fault, and one TikToker has found a solution hidden in the app’s settings.

According to TikToker @loveroftechba, there’s a setting called “upload at highest quality” that’s automatically switched off for all Insta users. This can make Insta stories and posts look extra crunchy when you put them up.

This especially applies to Android users, who already have to deal with the fact that the Instagram app’s camera is completely designed for Apple users only, but that’s another story. We don’t want to go from bad quality to worse now, do we?

Check out the step-by-step guide on how to find the setting on Instagram below. And be sure to switch it ON!


Instagram videos on Android SUCK! – Here’s how to fix IT! #LoverOfTechBA #LoverOfTech #Samsung #Android #iPhone #iOS #Instagram

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While the video specifies that this will help Android users a tonne, a few folks in the comments section confirmed that the feature was switched off for them on Apple as well.

I tried to see if the feature was off for me on Instagram and what do you know, it was. You better believe I switched it on REAL fast.

Finally, I can post videos with my Android that don’t look like they’ve been gargled by a deep-sea fish at the bottom of the ocean. Now they’ll look like they’ve been deep-throated by a baby shark in shallow waters. Progress, baby!

I did notice though that the TikTok says to go to “mobile data use” to find the setting but mine was under “cellular data use”. Might be an Aussie thing, I’m not quite sure.

“It’s turned off by default to save your 4G data,” wrote one commenter about the weird setting.

“And make sure you’re recording and taking pictures in 16:9 Format that’s the dimensions that IG accepts. If not the quality will be affected,” wrote another.

I just wish I could post my silly little pictures on the ‘gram with my perfectly good phone without everyone roasting me for having an Android. It’s not my fault the vids are blurry! It’s by Insta’s design I promise!!!!

Maybe I’ll stop getting bullied now that I’ve enabled this weird setting. Probably not, but it’s worth a try.

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