A TikToker Says ‘The Gen Z Shake’ Is The Equivalent To The Millenial Pause & Now My Brain Hurts

Gen Z Shake

In the ongoing war between good and evil, light and dark, heaven and hell – good is finally prevailing. Those two sides are of course, Millenials (evil) and Gen Z (good). Despite Gen Z clearly having the upper hand, Millenials won’t leave the internet without a fight. We’ll have to pry their iPod Nanos and corded headphones out of their cold, dead hands.

It seems that every time Gen Z find a way to make Millenials feel incredibly old with their silly little quirks (despite only being like five year’s older), they find a way to clap back and make Gen Z also feel incredibly dumb. Exhibit A: The discovery of the Gen Z equivalent of the Millenial Pause — The Gen Z Shake.

If reading that sentence gave you a micro-seizure, don’t fret you’re actually one of the lucky ones. You’ve been fortunate to not be cursed with the same disease that everyone else in your generation has (Gen Z or Millenial) — you aren’t chronically online.

But if you’d like to read on and inflict more pain on your poor smooth brain, then I’ll explain.

The Millienial Pause

The Millenial Pause is a term coined by the late, great TikTok creator @nisipisa (who is very much alive). Nisipisa claims that Millenials always pause slightly to make sure their video is recording, as demonstrated by cheugy queen, Taylor Swift.

Forget COVID, this is the new pandemic. God damnit.


#stitch with @taylorswift millennial pause (taylor’s version)

♬ All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) – Taylor Swift


I edited all my pauses out of this 🙏 #millennial #millennialpause @nisa @Michael @biancascaglione

♬ original sound – Kate Lindsay

The Gen Z Shake (not to be confused with The Harlem Shake of 2013)

According to common lore, at the height of the great battle between generations — a new villain will emerge. That villain will help those heinous Millenials gain some much needed ground. That villain is actually a Gen Z. A traitor *audibly gasps*. Yes, a creator by the name of @homegirlzay (who is a self-confessed Gen Z) has let loose something her generation does before taking a video.

Gen Z shake their camera slightly while recording before setting their phone down on a hard surface. Wow, really riveting stuff.


I figured out what’s genz equivalent of the millennial pause! #millennialpause#genz#fyp

♬ original sound – homegirlzay

Well Millenials, you may have won this time. But mark my words, your starter-pack/which-baked-goods-are-you meme formats will rue the day they ever crossed Gen Z on the internet.

You’ll be aged out of the internet soon, and you can take your beloved Lena Dunham with you.

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