‘Absolutely Rancid Take’: Sky News Is Getting Reamed For A Truly Dogshit January 26 TikTok

sky news tiktok january 26 lidia thorpe

Sky News has been absolutely torched on TikTok for a video telling Senator Lidia Thorpe to “get over” January 26 and stop making others “feel guilty” about the divisive public holiday.

The TikTok post features “reactionary millennial” Carla Efstratiou green-screened in front of one of Senator Thorpe’s recent tweets about January 26 with the caption “new year, same tweet from Lidia Thorpe”.

“Oop it’s that time of year again when Lidia Thorpe makes it her life mission to make everyone feel guilty about having a day off and celebrating our great country,” Efstratiou said in the video.

“It’s getting old. The majority of people want to keep Australia Day. Get over it, Lidia Thorpe.”


Well, that’s certainly an interesting (and fucked) take to have on TikTok which is full of progressive Zoomers who will absolutely pop off in the comments at any given chance.

And pop off they did.

“Girl you FR???” one commenter replied.

“Absolutely rancid take,” another read.

Another person questioned how something like this was approved to be published by a news outlet in the first place but was quickly reminded by another TikToker that Rupert Murdoch owns Sky News and a reactionary clip like this is “exactly by design”.

“How is this account verified pls,” someone flatly asked and honestly, I’m wondering the same thing.

Senator Thorpe hasn’t explicitly responded to Sky News’ TikTok — honestly, it’s not worth giving it oxygen — but shared a piece of wisdom about truth-telling and the realities of owning history in a following tweet.

“Some of you are motivated to make this hard,” a screenshot in the tweet read. “but it’s only hard because you want the glory of our history but not the burden.”

Damn, I’d say that’s a pointed (and well-deserved) clap back to whatever tripe old mate at Sky served up the day before.

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