This Game-Changing Instagram Hack Lets You Redesign Your Pic Carousels Long After Posting

instagram hack carousel

We all know that if we want to delete an image from our Instagram carousels, all we need to do is press delete, simple. We also know that when it comes to arranging the order of our photos, we have to painstakingly get it perfect before we post. Well, this isn’t actually the truth, Ellen. Turns out carousel arranging can be done at any time with this simple Instagram hack/workaround.

Social media marketing company has shared the genius Instagram hack on their TikTok account, and when I first saw it I’m going to be honest, my mouth was on the floor.

I genuinely had no idea that you can rearrange all of your pics from your latest photo dump after you’ve posted it to your feed. I truly thought all those piccies were stuck in the original order forever, with no way to go back and put those dated memes at the end of the line.

By the way, just in case you weren’t aware, a carousel is when you post a series of images on Instagram in the same post, creating multiple slides that people can swipe through.

And no, it isn’t as easy as pressing a single button that Instagram has set for us. Here’s how to do the hack below:

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“We’re gonna click the three dots on the top right, select edit and find your trash can button,” says the woman in the TikTok.

“Now delete any photos before the one you want as your cover. You’ll need to keep two photos in the carousel at all times.”

Essentially what you’re doing is deleting the ones you want to move to the end, and then restoring them in settings so that they appear there.

“Tap the hamburger icon (the three lines) in the top right, go to settings, account, recently deleted. Now, you’ll want to restore these in the order that you want to get them back in the carousel.

“Do that for any other images in the order that you want them to show in the carousel from left to right.”

So you’re telling me that pic of me that I thought was cute in 2020 that’s sitting at the front of my carousel can now go to the back? That’s some hot girl shit right there. Brb, I have some pic moving to do.