Missing the sunshine already, mates? Honestly, same. But not so much in the sense that I’m craving heat (I’m a freak who prefers the cold), but in the sense that everything is prettier in summer, including our Instagram snaps.

Yep, you can fake lighting as much as ya bloody well like, but nothing compares to the gorgeous summer sun.

Speaking of faking lighting, this viral hack allows you to do just that: make your pics look like they were taken in the crisp summer sun. Hm, so maybe you *can* fake lighting?

The hack is going nuts on TikTok, featuring some easy-as tips on how to edit the piccy using your simple ol’ iPhone camera photo editing app.

Wondering how to make your photos look brighter and more beautiful? Here’s how. Have a geeze below:


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♬ original sound – poussy fire???? – poussy fire????

The trick was originally shared by TikTok user @anaugazz, whose video has been viewed over 13.7M times. And now, users everywhere can make their posts glow.

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You’re very, very welcome.

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