Cancel Your Sleep In ’Cos eBay’s Massive ‘Plus Weekend’ Sale Is Coming

ebay plus weekend

Every so often, I make a resolution that I will only buy things when they are on sale. Partly because it’s a savvy lil’ financial decision (and I am at heart, a hoarding goblin who likes treasures) and partly because, well, savings make you feel like a real adult.

It’s fine. It’s good. We’re living our best lives. And despite the fact that I used to regularly forget that I’d made that solemn and highly serious pledge to myself, I’ve been extra good lately. No purchases at all (food delivery doesn’t count, okay).

And you know what that means?

It means that I am absolutely ready for a big ol’ sale to get my shopping fix.

i’m ready

So it’s pretty great timing that eBay is holding ‘Plus Weekend’, a massive two days of sales that frankly I am more than ready to get stuck into. We’re talking a whole 48 hours of mega deals for you to splurge on, over the 22nd and 23rd of June.

And if you’re the type of person who finds spending money scarier than a pelican’s yawn (trust me, it’s disturbing), this is your time to SHINE. There’s a stack of huge discounts across homewares, clothes, everyday essentials, tech and even some bonus extras that’ll make you feel like Ariel showing off her thingamabobs.

Personally, I’m in the process of finding some new digs to move into, so homewares is RIGHT up my alley and will likely save my poor soul from going down an interior design Pinterest rabbit hole, the likes of which I may never emerge from.

see ya, suckers

It’s exclusive to eBay Plus members, so if you’re not on the train just yet, there’s still time to join up before everything goes live on Saturday. All you’ve gotta do is sign up and you’ll score access to all the deals — besides, as an eBay Plus member you’ll also cop the regular good stuff like free deliveries and returns on millions of Plus items (plus a stack of other benefits including double flybuys points).

It’s a casual 49 bucks for a yearly membership, but you also get a 30-day free trial when you sign up so you can scope out whether it’s a goer for you.

The first round of deals starts at 10am on Saturday — normally I’d be snoozing my alarm at 10am on a Saturday (look, I may still do that), but a sale is a pretty excellent reason to get up, and yes, I will absolutely be shopping from my blanket burrito cocoon on my phone.

But you know, you do you.