PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with eBay Plus to help you grab some goodies.

If there’s one weird little addiction I have, it’s browsing homewares and decor. I never used to fuss about whether or not my furniture matched, or if the kitchen appliances were so shiny and clean that I could see every last pore of my face reflected when I loom over waiting for the kettle to boil.

Maybe it harkens back to my days as an avid Sims player, crafting abodes the likes of which I will absolutely never afford. Maybe now that I’m an adult, I’m appreciating the finer things in life (like having an actual set of cutlery instead of mismatched pieces). And now here I am, spending my nights browsing for homewares online with the vigour of a Stepford Wife (with none of the creepy robotic danger).

So it stands to reason that I am a big fan of getting the goods on the cheap — and that means I am already expanding my list of items to buy in the eBay Plus sale that’s opening at 10am today. Stress less, pals, because what I’m doing is saving you the legwork and uncovering some hefty deals in the homewares space for you.

Here are our picks.

1. Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

If you’re yet to get on the Dyson train, this weekend is definitely your opportunity. As someone who understands the perils of pet hair all too well, I’ve permanently volunteered myself for vacuuming duties around my house — a job that I accepted with grumbles at first, but the Dyson actually makes it a much faster job.

The V11 Absolute cordless model has three different settings depending on the flooring you want to clean, tells you how much run time it has left and has a hygienic eject function that kind of makes you feel like you’re helping your Dyson poop out all the debris into the bin. This all feels like a win to me.

On eBay, this model usually costs $1199, but today’s Plus Weekend deal has it costing only $799.

if you thought these moves were good before, wait till you swap out the vac

2. Philips Twin TurboStar Airfryer

I like chippies. I like chicken. Both of these incredible foods are infinitely better when fried as opposed to literally any other preparation technique. I will stand by this fact forever and always, ideally with chicken and chippies in my hands to illustrate the point.

But frying food is uh, not great for you unless you use an airfryer, which circulates high-powered hot air to remove the fat from your food and let you eat the crunchy fried goodness without feeling like you’ve languidly submerged yourself into a jacuzzi of hot oil. And this one? It also roasts, bakes and grills.

You can get your hands on this fry baby for $449 usually on eBay, but at 10am today with eBay’s Plus Weekend deal, it’s only $300.

he craspy

3. Dreamz Weighted Gravity Blanket

This is one of my must-have items for a number of reasons — primarily because I’m always cold and blankets are good at fixing that particular problem, but also because these babies are actually really calming, and for someone with anxiety it can be really soothing to have that weight on you as you drift off to sleep.

The extra pressure works almost like a big hug, and honestly, who doesn’t love hugs on demand? They’re engineered to be roughly 8-15% of your body weight to make the ‘hug’ feel real, plus they’re machine washable which makes life a stack easier TBH.

The regular price for these babies on eBay is $99.99, but this weekend you can snag one for just $75 (25% off).

very sadly, dog not included

4. Vertuo Black (Flat Top) Coffee Machine

I’ll be very transparent here: I am not a coffee drinker. It’s a scandalous thing to admit when I’m recommending a coffee machine, but here’s the thing: every last one of my friends is a coffee drinker. Every member of my family sips the beverage. My partner loves the bean brew. It’s inescapable, and I like to be prepared.

So the Vertuo Black coffee machine is a goer. It makes four different cup sizes (Espresso, Gran Lungo, Mug and Alto), and works with three different capsule sizes depending on how much of a brew you’re down for — plus, to be perfectly basic, it’s pretty.

Usually, you can get your caffeine fix with this machine for roughly $299 on eBay, but at 10am today as part of Plus Weekend it’ll be available for $149.99.

cheers to you, caffeinated soul

5. Devanti Aromatherapy Diffuser

If you’ve been reading this list going, “mmm yes but also, I am deeply broke,” first of all, I feel you. Second of all, bear in mind that you don’t have to be ready to drop hundreds to make the most of your home space — or to make the most of this sale.

If you’re not up for splurging on the vacuum you’ve been lusting after, you can still get a homewares fix with something a lil’ smaller that can have just as tangible an impact on the vibe of your house. This diffuser, for example, will make your house smell fancier than it has any right to be, and works as a humidifier too. Plus, pretty.

It’s also on the more reasonable side price-wise, originally costing $39.90 on eBay and only costing $24.99 today at 10am.

dem curves

There’s a bunch of other good homewares on sale too, but if you want to get in on the deals you’ve gotta be an eBay Plus member. You can still sign up here, and you’ll get access to all the deals plus all the regular benefits (including free deliveries and returns on millions of eBay Plus items, and double flybuys points).

It’s a casual 49 bucks for a yearly membership, but you also get a 30-day free trial when you sign up so you can scope out whether it’s a goer for you.

The sale officially starts at 10am today, so you’ve got one hour to get yourself sorted before you sort out your house as well. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and close off at least fifteen tabs to make sure that I’m ready to get in quick as soon as the sale is live.

May the odds be ever in your favour, folks. And if you want more (who doesn’t?) you can check out all of eBay’s Plus Weekend deals right here.

Image: iStock / triloks