Yoohoo, There’s A Big Winter Blowout On RN Thanks To eBay’s Plus Weekend Sale

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Hey kid, you want some deals? Well, right now eBay’s dishing them out in bulk thanks to its Plus Weekend Sale. You can expect to see huge discounts on your fave brands from Samsung to Apple to Dyson and more. Cheap as chips, I tell ya! Cheap as chips.

What is the eBay Plus Weekend Sale and how do you get in on the action?

Alright, hold the phone. What in the world is the eBay Plus Weekend Sale? Well, folks, eBay’s Plus Weekend Sale is an annual shopping event that features thousands of deals that’s much like Click Frenzy or Black Friday, but exclusive to – you guessed – eBay!

From now until midnight on Sunday, 28 May, old mate eBay will be dropping a fresh batch of deals daily at 10am, each with their own unique discount codes. But you gotta get in fast because they’re selling quick.

For example, a hot pair of discounted Apple AirPods disappeared within the first hour and soon after a PS5 bundle that was going for a total steal, mind you, was goneskies.

If you wanna get in on all this action, then you gotta sign up as an eBay Plus member. What’s that? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Ebay Plus is a subscription service that gives you exclusive access to offers, sales, free express delivery, and returns on millions of eBay Plus items for a wee $4.99 a month (or you can be cheeky and get a 30-day free trial, then just cancel it once the month’s up for no charge). You can sign up to be an eBay Plus member here.

Below, we’ve compiled a big fat list of all the best bargains worth shopping, from a Nintendo Switch OLED console to our all-time fave Dyson vacuum cleaners. Now shop, my pretties, shop!

The Best 2023 eBay Plus Weekend Deals

The best home appliance deals

Image: Dyson

The best tech deals

Image: Apple/Samsung

The best gaming deals

Image: Sony

And don’t forget that you can check out more deals from the eBay Plus Weekend Sale here.

Editors note: Discounts will only be displayed and applied when using the unique eBay Plus Weekend code at checkout.