How’s This For A Bloody Bargain, You Can Get A Mobile Plan With A Huge 100GB Data For Only $1

CirclesLife plan
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If you’re someone who froths on getting the absolute best value for your dollar, or you’re paying way too much money every month because you keep capping your mobile’s data, you’re going to want to check out this excellent CirclesLife plan.

The mobile provider is currently running a promotional plan that will get you a mammoth 100GB for the low, low, looow price of $1 for the first two months you’re with them. That’s the same price for one of those big Freddo Frogs, and last time I checked, those won’t let you stream a shit tonne of Netflix each month.

You can check out the full plan here:

To really sweeten the deal, this CirclesLife plan also includes an extra 3GB of bill shock data. So if you manage to hit your 100GB allowance before the month ends, this bonus data will kick in for absolutely free.

And if you manage to go over this extra data, you can buy a further 3GB for $6. That ain’t too shabby, especially when you consider that the standard excess data charge is $10 per GB.

This CirclesLife plan is exclusively available through WhistleOut and to get the deal you’ll need to use the promo code “WHISTLEOUT1”. Just a heads up, though — this deal is only available until 11.59pm on 7 September. So if you’re keen on it, you might want to jump on it now.

Once those first two months are over you’ll be paying $38 per month. This CirclesLife plan also has no contract, so you can give it the boot whenever you feel like it. However, even after the first two discounted months are over, CirclesLife still have one of the cheapest mobile plans on the market.

For the sake of comparison, these are some of the SIM-only plans that have at least 100GB currently available from competitive providers:

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