There are several reasons why I’m hesitant to purchase AirPods. Firstly, I think they look like dumb giant ear sperms. Secondly, I don’t think I’d be able to justify spending that much on wireless headphones that I think resemble dumb giant ear sperms. Finally, my normal earphones always fall out, which makes me 99% sure that the AirPods would also fall out, causing me to lose them and then cry at the fact that I spent that much on now-lost dumb giant ear sperms.

To substantiate my hesitancy, BTSKim Nam-joon, or RM, has set the internet alight by announcing that he’s on his 34th pair of AirPods, after casually losing 33 pairs. I’m sorry, but 33 FUCKING PAIRS. I don’t know whether to applaud in admiration or crawl into the foetal position and cry.

The startling confession came about during a Q&A session, when a fan mentioned that they’d recently lost their AirPods.

This caused many fans to marvel at the sheer cost of 33 pairs.

Let’s do some quick math, shall we? According to my trusty Google, a pair of AirPods with a charging case currently costs $249… That’s $8,217 of missing RM AirPods.

I doubt RM would have to purchase his own pairs – money wouldn’t be an issue for him, either way – but can we please imagine being in such a position where you could lost 33 pairs of dumb giant ear sperms and be chill about it? Wowee.

Nothing but respect for our AirPod-Losing King™.

Image: Getty Images / Rich Fury