Black Friday might be more of an American thing, but just like Halloween, I’m glad we’ve stolen it from them. While it’s not quite as spooky as my favourite day of the year, the discounts are frighteningly good. 

I’m so sorry, I’ll go now. 

But if you’re after a new phone, a new phone plan, or even a new NBN plan, these are some of the best deals around right now. 


The iPhone XS is no longer the latest and greatest iPhone, which also makes it more affordable. And it’s now even cheaper, with Telstra cutting its price by $216. That works out to be a $9 per month discount on a 24-month term. 

This offer runs until January 13. 

If you’d prefer your new handset to be a 2019 model, Big T has also cut the price of all Pixel 4 models by $144. That’s a $6 per month saving on a 24-month term. Here are Telstra’s 24-month plans for the Pixel 4 XL, because the battery on the standard version is garbage: 

And just in case saving two coffees’ worth of cash each month isn’t enough, Telstra is also throwing in a bonus Google Nest Hub smart display. This offer runs until December 2. 

Lastly, Telstra has cut the price of the Galaxy S10 by a massive $648, which works out to be a saving of $27 per month on a 24-month term. The cheapest plan here gets you the phone and 15GB for $80 per month. That’s pretty damn good for a phone that only came out at the start of the year.


Optus is offering discounts on select smartphones including the iPhone 11 Pro, Pixel 4, and Galaxy Note 10+ when paired with a 60GB plan. In addition, you can also save 20% on wireless broadband and get bonus data on tablet plans. Check out these offers here

Woolworths Mobile

Woolies probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of smartphones, but the fresh food people have cut the price of the Galaxy Note 10 by $468, which works out to be a discount of $19.50 per month.

If you’re keen, you’ll need to get in quick because this deal only runs until midnight tonight.  


Don’t need a new phone? Still want a new plan? Upstart telco Circles.Life will do 20GB for $18 per month or 40GB for $28 per month until November 30. That pricing is valid for your first 12 months with Circles, after which your monthly bill will increase by $10. These plans are contract-free, so you can leave Circles whenever you want. 


New kid on the block, Superloop, has cut the price of its NBN plans by $21 per month for the first six months you’re with the telco. This makes Superloop’s plans some of the cheapest AND fastest around. 

Here are Superloop’s NBN 50 plans:

And here are Superloop’s NBN 100 plans: 

Aussie Broadband

Geek favourite Aussie Broadband is also discounting NBN plans. Sign up before December 2 using the promo code “BLACK20” to save $20 per month on your first six months with Aussie.  

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