Buffering. Is there anything in the world more dire? The spinning wheel of death is legitimate grounds for murder, especially when it happens in the middle of Stranger Things

But there’s good news for public safety. Every month, the peeps over at Netflix measure the prime time streaming performance of Australia’s biggest telcos and publish the top six in order of speed. So let’s take a look at who topped the charts this June.


Telstra is on a winning streak when it comes to the Netflix speed report, having topped the charts every month this year since January. This time around Telstra scored an average speed of 4.4Mbps. (Netflix typically streams at a max of 5Mbps, if you’re feeling technical.)

Big daddy T plans may be pricey, but there’s no question that they’re also super fast. And the modem you get with the plan has a SIM card in it – for emergency backup internets if the NBN goes down.


Telstra may be at the top, but Optus comes in at a close second this time around at 4.29Mbps. But where the speed gap is narrow, the price gap is not. Optus plans start at a full $20 less per month than Telstra. Nice one.

Aussie Broadband

Tied for second with Optus is Aussie Broadband, also at 4.29Mbps this month. This tiny telco has been making big noise on the NBN scene with a combo of to top speeds and great local customer service support. 

They’ve also got a promo going right now to get your first month free. Just use the promo code “FREE19” at checkout.


Coming in at third place is iiNet with an average speed of 4.21Mbps. As well as a bearded man wearing a sweater, iiNet plans also come with a free Fetch TV set-top box, which is handy if you need a way to get Netflix onto your big screen.

The TV bundle also comes with one premium Fetch TV channel pack. But you do have to pay a $59.99 set-up fee.

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