The New Beats Earphones Top The AirPods’ Battery Life By Four Goddamn Hours

If you’re still deciding whether or not you should move to a pair of wireless earphones, a new set has just hit the scene, and according to those who’ve used them, they’re a decent competitor to the AirPods.

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Powerbeats are Beats-branded wireless earphones suited to those who like to listen to music while exercising and whatnot. They have that whole wraparound ear thing going on, but its biggest selling point will likely be battery life.

According to Beats – who are also owned by Apple – these bad boys are capable of around 9 hours of continuous playback, which is pretty impressive. For comparison, AirPods clock in at around 5 hours of listening time. Of course, their respective charging cases will top up both sets.

In terms of internals, the Powerbeats also run on Apple’s H1 chip, which is the company’s new headphone-specific technology fitted in the new line of AirPods. They have physical controls, so you won’t need to remember any gestures, but they’ll also work with the “Hey Siri command if you’re into looking like a weirdo in public.

On the downside, they don’t come with a wireless charging case and the price is certainly up there. The Powerbeats will set you back $349.95 here in Australia, which isn’t all that much more compared to the new AirPods with a wireless charging case, which costs $319. If wireless charging doesn’t phase you, though, you can get AirPods with a normal case for $249, so quite a discount.

If you’re keen to grab a pair of Powerbeats, they’ll be available in May in four colours: Black, Ivory, Moss and Navy.

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