Apple Is Celebrating World Emoji Day By Unveiling A Bunch Of New Ones

It’s World Emoji Day, folks, and to celebrate, Apple has dropped some details about which new emojis will be coming to iOS a little later this year.

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You may remember a little while ago when Unicode revealed a swathe of new additions, including the redheaded faces and some new animals. According to Apple, more than 70 new characters will be included in an iOS 12 update.

Two rows of new emoji designs, including ones with gray hair, red hair and curly hair.

Among the new animals are a kangaroo (finally), parrot, and lobster, the latter of which everyone seems to think was there all along, but actually wasn’t. We all yearn for the lobster emoji.

Four animal emoji clockwise from top left: parrot, lobster, peacock and kangaroo.

There are also new foods, like a mango, a cupcake, a head of lettuce, and a delicious mooncake. Yum yum.

Four food emoji clockwise from top left: lettuce, mango, cupcake and mooncake.

Among the new yellow faces is a pleading face, a face surrounded by hearts, and a fitting one for right now – a freezing-its-ass-off face.

Four emoji clockwise from top left: party face, pleading face, face with hearts and cold face.

“Many additional characters across sports, symbols, and more, will launch later this year, including a new superhero emoji, a softball, nazar amulet, and infinity symbol,” Apple said in a blog post.

Four emoji clockwise from top left: infinity sign, female superhero, nazar amulet and male superhero.

We don’t have a solid date for the release just yet, only that the emojis will be included in an update to iOS 12 after its release sometime in our spring.

Facebook and Messenger are also celebrating the blessed emoji day, revealing a bunch of stats about how folks all over the world use emojis on both platform. According to them, our favourite one here in Australia is the birthday cake, which, if you ask me, should be turned into a more accurate representation of the Woolies mud cake.

You can check out all the stats in the infographic below.