Apple Rudely Modifies The Prayer Hands Emoji In Latest iOS Update

Vale prayer hands emoji, we hardly knew thee.

Scores of people around the world are starving, people are dying, race relations remain uncured, inequality prevails, but today, horrific news to trump it all has landed, as the latest iphone iOS update has rudely—and heinously—modified the prayer hands emoji for worse.

For. Shame.

Look at you—just a fun gal, all about that life and whose vast emoji choices have always been made simple, as the prayer hands emoji never fails in any situation: having a case of the mondays? Prayer hands emoji, praying for you. Nailing it at yoga on the beach, your lululemons looking fresh as hell? Prayer hands emoji, namaste. Boss keeps cramping your style? Prayer hands emoji, you’ll get through this. Your acai bowl went down a treat this morning? Prayer hands emoji, hallelujah.

The modification in iOS 8.3 of the prayer hands emoji takes the prayer completely out of it: we’re met with now severely jaundiced hands sans delicate beams of light emanating from their fingers, renewing the debate of, but is it just a high five? once again.

Prayer hands emoji is dead, long live prayer hands emoji. Praying for us all.

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Via Business Insider.