New iOS Update + Emoji Set Released, Noticeably Missing Redhead Representative

Hey you, with the iPhone: you may now go to Settings > General > Software Update to reinvigorate your beloved device to iOS 8.3 – what a day it truly is to be alive.

The new update has arrived to fix bugs, improve performance and the like; however the real winner is Apple’s new set of emoji – containing racially diverse lil dudes, a rudely modified *prayer hands*, more flags (‘Straya included), and an apple watch emoji, among others. 
The racially-diverse emoji are found after holding down the stock-standard yellow pal. Like so:
This is all great news for the emoji purveyors among us. There’s something to be said, however, for the Prince Harry’s of the world. The Ron Weasley‘s. The Sansa Stark‘s. The non-blonde Emma Stone‘s. Where is the redheaded emoji representative among these stunning new additions? 
A discerning ginge has taken such umbrage with the fact, that a petition has been established to make that happen. Make a step to bring in the ginge right here.
As a semi-related PSA, not all of the new emojis are currently working on Twitter, and may be replaced by an alien dude instead. Sorry for your loss.
via CNet