The new year brings with it a load of head-turning celebrity hair transformations.

From Isla Fisher to Hilary Duff, an increasing number of A-list folk are taking the plunge and going platinum blonde for 2019.

Now another, unexpected star has joined the pack, with Zac Efron ditching his perfect brunette head of hair for… platinum blonde. 

The internet first suspected Zac had done the sneaky on his hair when he shared this rockclimbing snap on Instagram with the caption “No Free Solo”.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice that, under the hipster beanie, Zac had a very peroxide fringe situation going on:

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No Free Solo

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We see you, Zac. There’s no point trying to hide.

Since then we’ve only had more compelling evidence that Zac is now a fully-fledged blonde boi.

Here’s a sneaky photo that a fan managed to take of old mate, showing him sporting the platinum look:

“I spy with my little eye… a lil blonde Zac! Looks like Zac went to Mexico with Conor and his other friends for Conor’s birthday!” wrote the fan.

I have no idea how they managed to get so close to Zac, but props.

As though that wasn’t enough, another person went and tweeted a second pic, telling a very similar story:

“Uh I’m actually really here for Zac Efron dying his hair blonde???! I mean, HE could get away with any look but still…” they Tweeted.

As for the verdict on Zac’s new ~lewk~, fans were definitely divided:

“ily so much bb, but are u blonde? lmao” wrote one.

“If Zac Efron dyes his hair platinum blonde one more time I’m throwing hands” added another.

“Who told Zac Efron he should dye his hair blonde again? Smh.”

Then there were those who froth his new strands:

“My husband has only gone and dyed his hair blonde! @ZacEfron I love it hun xx”

“zac efron might have blonde hair and I might be unstable”.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Zac’s gone blonde, donning some full-on frosted tips back in 2016:

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What do you think? Are ya a fan of the bleach, or not feeling it?

Image: Instagram / [@zacefron]