In case there was any doubt, Zac Efron and his brother Dylan Efron are still in Australia and the lads recently went bungee jumping, wait for it, shirtless!!!

In a clip shared to Instagram, the unfairly gorgeous brothers stripped off to go bungee jumping and I dunno if being shirtless is the best option, especially considering it’s gotten fucken’ cold as fucking fuck in Australia, but hey, who am I to complain?

And that’s not the only dumb wardrobe choice the brothers made as Zac Efron also decided to wear his signature cap while bungee jumping and, as you’d expect, it flew the fuck off and christ knows if he ever saw the thing again. It’s probs halfway to the Pacific Ocean by now.

“I can’t tell who’s screaming, him or me @dylanefron #brothersday,” Zac Efron captioned his post.

“The hat floats,” Dylan (a.k.a. the younger brother of Zac Efron) wrote, poking fun at his big bro’s bizarre wardrobe choice.

Not sure where exactly this took place, but the pair were most recently in Tasmania, which we know because they hit up iconique museum MONA and documented it on the ‘gram.

Observe, some stunning shots of Zac Efron at MONA:

Zac Efron also sussed out the human body exhibit thingy at MONA and popped vids of it up on his Instagram Story last week.

In the clips, he can be heard saying that it “smells like shit” and that’s the point, mate.

It comes after his mysterious split from his girlfriend Vanessa Valladares after their 10-month whirlwind romance (which is rumoured to have gone on for much longer than that).

A report by The Daily Telegraph has made headlines across the globe as it claims that the Aussie-born couple has called it quits.

Interestingly, Zac and Ness are currently on a wild tour of Oz, filming outback scenes for his Netflix documentary series, Down to Earth with Zac Efron.

There’s still a heap of mystery surrounding the split, but Zac Efron isn’t going anywhere, as he recently sold his LA property and bought land out in Tweed Heads, so he’s officially ours now. Soz America.