Iconic Redhead Isla Fisher Betrays Own Kind, Debuts Blonde Hair For 2019

isla fisher blonde

Isla Fisher is one of the most iconic red heads in the world.

She’s up there alongside Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran and Nicole Kidman.

In fact, Isla’s auburn hair is one of those universal truths that I cannot imagine being any other way.

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The sky is blue, the ocean is wet and Isla Fisher is a red head. They are all indisputable facts:

So when we got wind of the fact Isla’s gone and ditched her famous look, we were understandably shook.

Isla took to Instagram overnight to debut her new ‘do and I WHOA:

Our girl looks almost unrecognisable, huh? I definitely did a double take.

Granted, no matter what colour Isla’s hair is, she’s always gonna look bloody fire, but I’m still shook.

“Go blonde in ‘19 or go home” Isla captioned the post.

One can’t help wondering what made the actress change her most famous feature.

Maybe the whole “new year, new you” saying really resonated with Isla? Or perhaps she’s got a movie role coming up that requires her to mix things up?

Or mayyyybe, just maybe, going blonde was a final ‘fuck you’ to lesser fans who kept getting her confused with Amy Adams?

In this last week alone, a slew of folks took to Twitter to admit that they still get the pair muddled:

“i’m convinced isla fisher and amy adams are the same person” wrote one.

“Isla Fisher looks more like Amy Adams than Amy Adams” added another.


“If you think you can’t tell Sandra, Anna and Julia apart, just try and tell Amy Adams and Isla Fisher apart.”


“Was I the only person who thought Isla Fisher and Amy Adams were the same person?”


While Isla and Amy definitely look similar, they’re not identical folks – but maybe this hair change might make everyone give these gals a break.