Wildfox – I’m A Barbie Girl

Making fun of Pomeranian wielding, narcissistic barbie dolls is pretty easy. If you noticed I did it just then. Hell even Pink and Aqua ridicule the credit card maxing Princesses of Hollywood and they’re Pink and Aqua. Plus have you seen The Simple Life? The conviction with which those actresses nail vapid is Oscar worthy. It’s like the most note perfect comedy in the history of mankind.

Anyway in a stroke of genius the design duo behind LA label Wildfox combine superior self-awareness with tongue in cheek sass to jibe the very people they appeal to. Case in point? Their Spring/Summer 2010 look book “You’re A Doll” sports saccharine shades of neon pink, peroxide blonde models and looks with accompanying Barbie personae.

I can see it now. I’m totes Hangover Barbie – who are you? No you’re hotter…No YOU’RE hotter!

Like previous efforts the street inspired looks are unpretentious, sexy and most importantly fun. The perfect Summer option for the party princess in us all (unless you’re male).

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