This App Has Heaps Of Last-Min Sale Gifts To Save You From Xmas Disappointment

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I am lowkey awesome at gift-giving (toot toot) – I genuinely love finding the perfect personalised gift for each person.

However, even I suffer from lack of time, especially around Christmas. This makes Chrissie present shopping change from a delight to a stressful nightmare because I’ve set such a high standard and don’t have the time to look around properly for gifts that match those standards. Not to mention how exxy it is to shop closer to Christmas.

The solution? Beautiful technology in the form of the WhatsMine app that’ll show you everything your fave retailers have on offer in the one place.

It’s basically a digital wallet for your loyalty cards so you can access them all in one place – whether you’re online or in-store – and discover deals you didn’t know existed. Occasionally, WhatsMine users even get exclusive access to discounts. Lost your card? No whackers, just take a screenshot of anything with your membership number and load that to the app instead.

Don’t worry, if you’re super short on time you can just use the search bar to find what you need, fast. In fact, that’s how I found these winner deals.


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Everyone loves a good sheet set, but if that feels like too much pressure, a beach towel is the perfect Aussie gift. Get 10% off all full-priced items, 5% off all sale items and more.


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As much as I personally think that Bonds undies are fun enough to always be an appropriate present, don’t forget they have PJs and sportswear too. You can get 10 to 30% off through the app.

City Chic

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City Chic has some killer swimwear (please see above to prove my point)  and right now you can get it for 30% off while stocks last. Do you know how hard it is to find a sale on NICE swimmers DURING summer?

Bras N Things

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Once again, while there are plenty of sexy undies for your lover, there are also amazing pajamas here. I maintain that PJs are THE best gift and I won’t hear otherwise. Nab 30% off selected styles while stocks last and early access to future sales.

Cotton On & Co

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When you remember that Cotton On & Co also includes Typo, Rubi, Supre and Factorie, it’s really your one-stop-shop. Right now you can score 25% off dresses, three for $30 graphic tees and more at Cotton On and 40% off Harry Potter Typo gear – plus a whole lot more.


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Ok, I amend my PJ statement to be EQUAL best with a good book, or stationary if I’m honest. Yeah, I’m a big nerd, but you will be too with two for $40 on select books.

There you go, for once last minute Xmas shopping won’t completely break the bank and leave you feeling like Scrooge. Download the app here and finally get your Chrissie list sorted.