4 Tips For A More Sustainable Christmas If You Can’t Give Up Your Gift Wrapping

Love, Actually - sustainable christmas

Look, for those of us to whom aesthetics mean a lot, giving up wrapping paper at Christmas is a hard task. Truly, you should have seen how I wrapped my presents last year. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but they were truly a delight to behold (toot toot). So what do we do if we also happen to care about having a sustainable Christmas?

It’s all about balance and making conscious decisions to improve our footprint, but there are plenty of ways to do that without sacrificing quality.

1. Try wrapping alternatives

Seeing as I started with the wrapping thing, I’d better address it first, right? Look, my fellow wrappers, I get it. Finding the perfect paper, folding it up all smooth, then finding the perfect ribbon to match is a legit pleasure. We don’t have to give up our love for presentation, but it’s probably time to shake it up a little.

Plain brown paper can actually be recycled, and it looks amazing tied with some ribbon and a little floral detail. Forget paper altogether and buy Chrissie-themed fabrics instead, then reuse them year after year. Or opt for a gift bag that’s actually part of the gift, like this adorable gift pouch.

2. Pick better gifts

What better way to have a sustainable Christmas than making sure that the gifts you’re handing out hold the same values.

Companies like The Body Shop are committed to reaching peak sustainability. Even their packaging focus is on using less oil-based plastics by using more plant-based materials, recycled plastic and up-cyclable gift packaging.

They’re also on the way to being 100% vegan and they source ethical ingredients and accessories from their Community Fair Trade partners. Plus they just have amazing products and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t flip at a few body butters for Chrissie. Check out their seasonal gift range here.

3. Think about your place settings

I know it’s super tempting to use plates, cutlery and cups you can just chuck away after instead of needing to wash up. The thing is, a little washing up by you is a whole lot of love for our planet. If you must use disposable, then at least go for something recyclable and avoid plastic.

4. Watch your food waste

Christmas is a time to feast and then sleep off your full belly the rest of the afternoon, and no one is here to take that away from you. Let’s just be a little more responsible with our leftovers.

First of all, be realistic about how much food you’ll need for the number of people you’re feeding. There are no prizes for copious amounts of leftovers. With whatever is left, eat it the next day for lunch (and dinner), but whatever is left, as well as cooking scraps, should be composted. Maybe it’s time to start a worm farm?