13 Fun Ways To Accessorise Yourself This Festive Szn If Reindeer Ears Just Aren’t Your Bag

Christmas accessories
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It’s that blessed time of years where we deck our halls and bodies with Christmas accessories galore. Depending on your level of enthusiasm for the holiday season, your accessorising could range from candy cane earrings to wrapping your entire body in tinsel – whatever feels right.

If you’re not keen on getting your festive freak on with a set of jingly reindeer ears but you still want to show you’re fun, we’ve got just the lineup for you. Here, we’ve conjured up 13 cute Christmas accessories that show you’re still festive without going full Dasher & Prancer. Fair warning, one of these accessories does jingle because let’s be honest, it would’ve been rude not to.

Christmas accessories

3 Pairs Christmas Tree Drop Earrings ($6.95)

Red and Green Christmas Bells Headband ($15.99)

Christmas accessories

Christmas Diamante Snowflake Earrings ($11.99)

4 Pieces Acrylic Hair Clip ($5.95)

Christmas accessories

Maryjane Claverol Embellished Cotton-Blend Headband ($195.10)

Gold Green Spiral Christmas Tree Earring ($11.99)

Christmas accessories

4 Piece Red Water Drop Hair Clip ($6.95)

Rose Gold Diamante Snowflake Necklace and Earrings ($19.99)

Christmas accessories
Piper Plait Velvet Headband in Green ($15.00)

Christmas Accessories Tree Charm Drop Earrings ($4.95)

Christmas accessories
Pearl Rectangle Hair Clip ($13.99)

Silver Diamante Long Drop Snowflake Earring ($13.99)

Christmas accessories

Red Velvet Padded Headband ($17.99)

Christmas accessories
Gingerbread Man Party Headband ($15.99)

Okay, obviously that last one was a bit of a piss take but it’d probably make for a great Secret Santa gift (for someone you hate). By now you should be well and truly in the festive spirit and ready to don one, or possibly all, of these Christmas accessories.

We guarantee you’ll take out the best-dressed award at your Christmas lunch, but everyone will likely be too wazzed to notice what you’re wearing. What a blessed festive season it’ll be.