WATCH: Internet Lunatic Cooks Rum Ham & Milk Steak From ‘It’s Always Sunny’

The sweet boys (and Sweet Dee) of Paddy’s Pub have some… unusual tastes in food and drink, to say the very least.
As much as ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia‘ is renowned for its outrageous antics and the overall loveable awfulness of their core cast, food and drink gags are just as much – if not more – fondly remembered by fans.
Who on earth, for example, can go any more than 10 seconds talking about ‘Sunny‘ without mentioning ye blessed Rum Ham?
‘Course the problem with all them snackables is while they might be hilarious in theory, in practice they are a nightmare fuel for the culinary arts. It’s a giant ham soaked to dripping in rum, for crying out loud. It’s not exactly going to appear on a Michelin starred menu.
Because the internet is nothing if not a giant hot plate that must, at all times, be touched, one intrepid YouTuber has set about the task of creating all the stomach-churning creations seen or mentioned in the show. And then making versions of them that are actually edible.
YouTuber Binging with Babish set about the somewhat unenviable task of creating, and consuming, a Rum Ham, some Riot Punch, a little Fight Milk, a no-fooling Grilled Charlie, and the pièce de résistance: Milk Steak.
The verdict? Rum Ham and Milk Steak taste about as bad as you think they would. The Grilled Charlie is surprisingly ok. And Riot Punch and Fight Milk succeed in the sense that they will get you righteously hammered provided you’re not chasing anything fancy like “taste.”
The real winner here though is the proper versions of each dish that he cooks up after trying the OG. Now that’s some kitchen ingenuity right there.

Give us ten of that braised Milk Steak and a coupla glasses of the fancy Riot Punch to wash it all down, thank you very much.

Source: YouTube.