Mac From ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Is Insanely Ripped Now & We Are Paddy’s Pumped

This has fully shaken us to our very core, mates. Make sure you’re holding onto something.

One of the great running gags about Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is his constant obsession with tacking on mass and appearing as jacked as he possibly can. The gang ran with the joke so far that Rob McElhenney purposely gained an absurd amount of weight for one season simply because it’d be funny.

Not only did McElhenney manage to shed the excess weight in short order after that season aired in 2011, but fast forward to today and my dude is now apparently getting around looking absolutely shredded.

The pectoral revelation of McElhenney was revealed to an unsuspecting public during the 2018 LA Pride parade, celebrating and supporting the LGBTQI community of the city and beyond.

The It’s Always Sunny gang put together their own float; a rainbow-themed rolling Paddy’s Pub that looked… well… fun as hell.

That’s the bulk of the cast of the show having a good ass time, including McElhenny, Kaitlin OlsenDanny DeVitoGlenn Howerton, and recurring cast member Artemis Pebdami.

Later on, however, McElhenny popped that shirt off and all hell broke loose.

Sweet lord what in holy god’s name is going on there? What the hell happened? Is one of the new episodes of Sunny called Mac Falls Asleep In A Vat Of Creatine? Unbelievable scenes there.

Mac’s powerful transformation has even finally gotten the attention and approval of his longtime hero, Chase Utley (previously) of the Philadelphia Phillies.

There you go. Maybe it really was the chimichangas after all.

He tacked on mass, folks.