Looks Like Mindy Kaling Is Off To Paddy’s To Appear On ‘It’s Always Sunny’

Hoo baby, is this ever one spicy, denim chicken nugget of information. It would appear that Mindy Kaling is kinda, sorta, almost definitely going to duck over to Paddy’s Pub to join the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

We have to stress that at this point there’s no official confirmation of what’s going on exactly. However, earlier today Rob McElhenney posted and then hastily deleted a photo on Instagram showing The Gang (sans Glenn Howerton) on set at Paddy’s with Kaling betwixt the lot of ’em.

Thanks to the majesty of the Internet, the shot was preserved for all to gawk at.

McElhenney also removed all-but 9 posts from his Instagram page, meanwhile Kaling hasn’t mentioned anything of the appearance on any of her social media channels at this stage.

What we do know, however, is that It’s Always Sunny has been shooting its 13th season at Studio City in Los Angeles the past few weeks, meaning the time for a Kaling cameo (at the very least) is certainly ripe.

What does it all mean? What does the future hold for Paddy’s? Is this a Mindy Project revival but only in the form of a crossover? IS MINDY KALING THE NEW DENNIS?

Stay tuned for more, friends.